Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Tips To Prevent Plumbing Emergencies

Florence-plumbing-300x180.jpgYou may have taken your Florence plumbing system as a given until it broke down. A burst pipe, backed-up toilet or other plumbing emergency can be enough to bring attention to a homeowner. This type of plumbing emergency can be costly and inconvenient. It is much more practical to take care of your plumbing than to call an emergency plumber to fix your plumbing problem.

Look for Leaks

Regularly inspect your fixtures and check for unusual increases in your water bills. This is most likely due to water leaks. If you find a leak, make sure you fix it immediately. Even the smallest leak can lead to a major plumbing emergency. You should also look out for signs like a toilet that is rocking at the base, or moisture indicators such as stained walls and peeling paint. Take care of your toilet Other than toilet paper and human waste, there is no other thing you should put in your toilet. You should not flush diapers, food leftovers, feminine hygiene products, or dead fish into your toilet. You should not pour oils or fats down the toilet, garbage disposal, or in the sink. Grease can also cause problems with your plumbing pipes. Ask Plumbing Experts Florence for more information on how to fix stubborn toilet problems. Be Kind To Your Kitchen Garbage Disposal Bones, fruits and potato peals can be too hard. Celery stalks, artichoke leaves and corn husks are too stringy. Rice, pasta, and oatmeal can cause machine clogs. Metal, plastic, and other non-food items are also a bad idea. You can use your kitchen garbage disposal to dispose of smaller quantities of food in mixing bowls or dinner dishes. Rest of the food can go in your compost pile or garbage can. Sink Strainers Available Sink strainers are ideal for kitchen and bathroom. They prevent hair from getting down the drain, causing blockages in your pipes. You can also get a larger version to protect your shower drains while you're at it. Do not treat clogged drains with harsh chemicals Because they can damage the pipes, it is not recommended that you use any harsh chemicals to clear drain clogs. To clear minor drain clogs, you can also use a drain snake or a plunger. A licensed emergency plumber should be able to resolve any other serious blockages. To get rid of sediment buildup, drain your water heater tank Turn off any gas, electricity, or cold water supply valves of the heater before you do anything else. You should also check the tank for leaks and other plumbing problems at least once a month. Find out where your main shutoff valve is located The main shutoff valve for your plumbing system is located near the water meter. This is located in front of your house. You should turn off the water supply to prevent an overflowing appliance from causing a larger problem.

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